Road Scholar - Baltic Road to Independence 2013 - Estonia

These views are from the St. Olaf's Church tower after a climb of 258 steps. The Old Town with mostly red roofs has a Lower Town and an Upper Town.



Upper Old Town


The climb up and down was a challenge. A single set of steps and 2-way traffic. Limited by the slowest person.


The look out balcony is only 1-person wide in most places. Note the antennas on the steeple.


Many tourists

Town Hall Square  

Dancing on the stage

We had lunch in the Peppersack  

Toompea Palace - Upper Old Town - Home of Parliament


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral


Impressive main Alter


This is a functioning church. A priest is discussing something with a couple in the side chapel.


View across Lower Old Town of New Town, from Upper Old Town


Art on display


Saxophone quartet SaxEst presented a selection of their works.



Kadriorg Palace and Park

Ceiling in the main hall.


Some of the Russian Art on display



Rocca al Mare Historical Park


One notable difference from American and more Southern European practice is that these homes did not use chimneys, very smokey inside.


The old windmill was rotated to control wind exposure.


Folk Dancing


Sample video of dancing


On the road to Tartu- Mostly flat farmland with clumps of forest


Then a lot of forest areas with few buildings.

Rest stop along the way.


Map at rest area. We were just outside of POLTSAMMA


Tartu, Estonia


This old communist hammer/sickle symbol will remain on the historic building to the left.

There are two sections to Tartu, upper and lower. Part of the group climbed the stairs to the upper part of the old city. The building below was once a cathedral, but over the decades the steeple was removed, then the Soviets used it as a storage building. The university once used it as a library, but it is now being converted into a museum.

This is the Supreme Court of Estonia, located in Tartu to keep it away from politics in Tallinn.

Wooded park in front of the Supreme Court

View of the lower city from the bridge above.

View from hill over Gunpowder Cellar Resturaunt




Tähetorn 1810 original observatory


Note the images in the windows

We get a history lesson on Tartu University

Timeout - Punishment room from 1800's - Some spent weeks here.

Photo of the original room

The attic near the timeout room


The river from the pedestrian bridge


Students having a quiet time in the park.

Gunpowder Cellar (Estonian: Püssirohukelder) restaurant entrance.

Gunpowder Cellar (Estonian: Püssirohukelder) restaurant dinner. Kind of dark underground.

A few more Tartu images

How to label electrial hazards in Lithuanian and Russian.

Fancy manhole covers

All images and text © 2013 by William & Sandra Kaszeta