Road Scholar - Baltic Road to Independence 2013 - Lithuania Part 2/2

Vilnius, Lithuania

View from the hotel. Old Town is to the upper left.

Presidential Palace

View of Vilnius University behind Palace. Later photos with oval windows were taken from this tower.

Vilnius University Library with rare books and maps.

These volumes end in 1939

Old books in display case.

Restored ceilings

I asked if I could look at a few of the books a researcher had on his desk. He replied 'Carefully'. I looked in the reference sections for 'Kaszeta' or related without a

hit. But, I did spot a reference to Kacinskas, some friends in Massachusetts.

Some of the group climbed up to the tower. Limit is 10 at a time due to one-way ladder.


St. John's Church


Some street photos in Vilnius

Town Hall Square (North end)

Town Hall Square (South end)

The pink building on the right was the location of our final group dinner.

St. Ann's Church

Old market area

Ex- KGB apartments were much nicer than for ordinary families

Hot air ballons over the hotel

Pedestrian bridge, hotel is just to the left of center

Looking back from the other end of the pedestrian bridge and walkway

Old Jewish Ghettos

Lithuanian manhole cover - contrast with Soviet version below

Soviet manhole cover


Visit to historic Trakai Castle

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photo of poster in shop



Cooking Demonstration

The cooking demostration featured Potato Zeppelin with sauce, and Lithuanian Cold Beet Soup. The zeppelin is basically a partially cooked potato dough with a meat filling with a bacon, onion, and sour creme sauce.

The dough

Then formed into the zeppelin shape and boiled to finish the cooking.

Simple sauce


Beet soup as served at dinner

Visit with the Januškiene Family in Vilnius

Birute (English teacher), Romas (Engineer), Paul (Youngest son)

Living Room

Their house viewed from garden area

They built a second house on the property for their daughter

View into daughters house, very modern

View from street of the two houses

The study group

With lecturer Mr. V. Kavaliaukas, Advisor to the Prime Minister

A few miscellaneous photos


Lithuanian bus driver

Vilnius University map

Solar electric panels on a commercial building in Vilnius

Mr. V. Kavaliaukas and Irena Januskeviciute (tour leader)


All images and text © 2013 by William & Sandra Kaszeta